Euston Estate


The Farm

The Euston Estate covers an area of 10,500 acres, 6,260 acres of which are farmed ‘in-hand’. We grow wheat, barley, oilseed rape, beans and sugar beet. The land is also used for free-range pig and poultry farming and potato, carrot and parsnip production by agreement with other producers.

 We are particularly proud of the ‘Suffolk Trinity’; our own Grafton herd of Red Poll cattle, along with Suffolk Punch horses (bred by Lady Euston - mother of the current Duke) and the Suffolk sheep, which can all be seen on Estate grassland.

Farm management has been described as ‘traditional meets modern’ where commercial farming dovetails with conservation measures.  The whole of our farming enterprise is part of five separate Higher Level Stewardship Schemes.  In March 2016, Euston Farms was awarded the accolade of 'Greenest Farming Business' in the Creating the Greenest County Awards.

In conjunction with the Estate, Strutt and Parker Farms operate a 2.5MW gas to grid Anaerobic Digestion Plant producing gas to fuel over 5,000 homes.

Euston enjoys a special relationship with Barnham CEVC Primary School, situated in the neighbouring village of Barnham.

The Estate’s Farm Manager is Matthew Hawthorne and he can be contacted on: 

Estate Office, Euston, Suffolk IP24 2QP



 The Estate has a portfolio of cottages and houses in the villages of Euston, Barnham, Honington, Sapiston and Fakenham Magna, many of which are listed. For further information and property availability, please contact Deborah Baker at


Woodland Management & firewood

All 1,500 acres of woodland (including the largest semi-ancient broadleaf woodland in East Anglia) is managed by felling and controlled coppicing with both wildlife and productivity in mind. This opens up areas to light, encouraging a wider range of species to co-exist in the wood. Within the wood are 540 acres which have been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by the Woodland Trust.

The firewood business is run from the Estate office and you can purchase dry, seasoned hardwood logs which are delivered free within a ten mile radius of Euston.

After felling, trees are stacked and left to season for two winters before being processed. 

The cost is £85.00 per cubic metre.

For details please contact:  or telephone 01842 766 366 (09h00 - 13h00)


Land Conservation

The Estate boasts a wide range of habitats, including many of the rarest species found in the Breckland area.  Large colonies of White Admiral butterflies are to be found in Fakenham Wood, as well as the rare Stone Curlew.

The Estate attempts to farm in an environmentally sensitive way and in recent years has turned as many areas as possible into wildlife sites, with wild seed mixes being planted specifically to help wild game and song-bird populations.

Apart from different species of game bird, the estate is also home to fallow, muntjac, roe deer and transitory herds of Red Deer from the Breckland /Thetford woodland areas.  These are all carefully controlled to ensure the health of the herd and to limit the damage to the woodland in which they graze.

The Estate supports the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the work they do to ensure the countryside stays in balance.