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“The Euston Estate is committed to preserving and enhancing our farming businesses, balancing award-winning conservation practices with cutting-edge agricultural innovations. Through responsible stewardship, we prioritise the long-term sustainability of our operations, cultivating a flourishing farming estate that can be passed down to future generations.”

Encompassing a vast expanse of 10,500 acres, the Euston Estate is a thriving agricultural haven. Within this vast landscape, 6,260 acres are directly cultivated by our team. We take pride in cultivating a diverse range of crops, including wheat, barley, and sugar beet. Moreover, our land serves as a nurturing environment for free-range pig and poultry farming. Additionally, we collaborate with other producers to facilitate the cultivation of potatoes, carrots, and parsnips on our estate.

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Discover more about Carbon Plantations, one of our partners at Euston Estate, dedicated to growing large-scale plantations in the UK to capture carbon from the atmosphere for carbon credits whilst producing sustainable hardwood timber and encouraging biodiversity. Find out more here.


One of our cherished highlights is the presence of the 'Suffolk Trinity' on our grasslands. This trio includes our esteemed Grafton herd of Red Poll cattle, the magnificent Suffolk Punch horses (bred by Lady Euston, the mother of the current Duke), and the noble Suffolk sheep. These magnificent creatures can often be spotted gracefully roaming our expansive estate.


Our approach to farm management seamlessly blends tradition with modern practices, as we strive to strike a balance between commercial farming and conservation initiatives. As testament to our commitment, our entire farming enterprise is involved in five separate Higher Level Stewardship Schemes. In recognition of our efforts, Euston Farms was awarded the prestigious title of 'Greenest Farming Business' at the Creating the Greenest County Awards in March 2016.

At the Euston Estate, we remain dedicated to sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices. Our commitment to conservation, coupled with our thriving agricultural ventures, ensures that we contribute positively to the local ecosystem while meeting the demands of modern farming.

Discover the benefits of solar power, presented by Martin Clunes and filmed here at the Euston Estate.

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If you have any questions about farming at Euston or would like to speak with our Farm Manager,
please reach out below.

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